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Snuffle Ball

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NEW PRODUCT!! Your furry friends will absolutely love their Snuffle Ball. Similar to a Snuffle Mat, you hide treats, kibble, or catnip between the fabric for sniffing and mental stimulation. While Snuffle Balls aren't as big as Snuffle Mats they are a bit more challenging and lots of fun!

Best for these breeds

This mat can be used by dogs of any size but is particularly great for large dogs like:

-Great Danes
-Saint Bernards


The large mat measures 12.5'' x 16'' and contains 473 strips of fabric.

How to use

To use your Snuffle Mat, make sure you bury the treats in the strips of fabric so that your furry friend has to sniff them out!

Caring For Your Mat

The mat is made with machine washable, anti-pill fleece. Simply put in the washing machine on cold and air dry.